Melampo Dog Rescue

Melampo Dog Rescue

This page is dedicated to the compassion and tireless good work carried out by the staff and volunteers of the Melampo Dog Rescue Organisation.

 The Melampo Dog Rescue Shelter located near San Roque, Southern Spain works closely with The Melampo Organisation in Switzerland. This is where many of the Spanish dogs find thier new homes. In addition, volunteers run promotion sites and Facebook pages, all focused on finding the Melampo Dogs the best possible homes with loving owners that suit the mutual needs of the humans and the dogs. This way Melampo can be sure they really are 'Forever Homes'...

Our relationship with Melampo begins with the story of Cris and Mo, two young Podenco's (we think), abandonned and cast out to fend for themselves...

Cris and Mo

For some time, Lydia, my wife, had been speaking of a couple of Podencos hanging around bins, next to an abandoned hotel near Duquesa in Southern Spain. Unfortunately in Spain this in itself is not an uncommon sight, however over the course of several weeks, these two were starting to raise some concerned posts on social media. We found out they had been hanging around for months.

Lydia went searching one hot afternoon and returned in dismay. The pups were clearly getting weak. Some more concerned residents had posted how they had seen them venturing across a busy dual carriageway, and how attempts to capture the pair had failed. Things were not looking good.

One afternoon I walked out as normal with our own dog's, Sonny and Purdie, two friendly Border Collies. Moments later I saw two Podencos just like the ones Lydia had described. They were not far from our house and had crossed that busy dual carriageway to get there. They looked exhausted, very timid and hiding from the sun at every opportunity. I moved closer and to my surprise they looked up at Sonny and Purdie wagging their tails and behaving submissively. However each time I moved towards them they moved away. They clearly knew they needed help but understandably had trust issues. With that a friend, Steffan, appeared and quietly helped form a containment so as to prevent them from straying back towards the main road.

To cut a long story short, Lydia arrived and between the three of us, plus our dogs, we managed to usher the pups into a small court yard at the front of a house where we all settled for a time to allow them to relax and build a bit of trust. It didn’t take long before the pair realised they were going nowhere. They were almost dead on their feet, it was clear they couldn’t have lasted many more days, they started to fall asleep as they sat and started to relax in our presence.

I ran home and picked up a couple packing boxes, into which we carefully coaxed our new friends. A few phone calls and Melampo opened their doors to two more grateful and very lucky guests.

The rest, as they say, is history. We named the newbies, Cris (tall, long hair) and Mo (short, short hair) after the road on which their ordeal ended ‘Cristobal Morales’. The first few days at the shelter were spent simply recovering and getting used to smells and sounds of the new surroundings. The residents were lovely and formed a welcome committee who came to the wire of their pen to say hi. Cris and Mo showed interest and started eating and drinking almost right away. A trip to vets for a check over, reported all was well, so chips, documentation and, oh yes, that all important little op… Sorry Boy’s.

So now Cris and Mo are fully fledged part of the Melampo Pack and have been put up for adoption. We were so pleased to discover they are listed to be homed together. They are so very close it would be wrong to separate them…
This is Cris and Mo's page.

We see them regularly, they run and greet us with a smiles and waggy tails before running off to play with their new friends.

Much love wee ones, there’s a forever home waiting and we’re it’ll not be long before you’re there…

There are many dogs at Melampo, all with similar stories. Some come and go very quickly, some have been there for a long time. The fact is they all need a loving home, a home where they can feel safe and feel they belong. I can guarantee, they will return that love back in spades.

So please, take a look at the following links and get in touch if you’d like to know more about adoption of a Melampo dog. Just hit the message button on the Facebook Page or grab an email from the web site.

Of course all this costs money so if for whatever reason you are not in a position to adopt but would like to help in another way, there is information about how you can donate on the web site, or feel free to contact one of the many staff or volunteer’s for more information.

From us and especially from all the guests at Melampo, thank you so very much for your interest…


We originally came to know the Melampo Dog Rescue Spain by working as volunteers. Walking and socialising dogs, as well as mucking out, so to speak. They’re all a wonderful team and it’s all very rewarding, but none more so than seeing a dog find a new and loving home.

Melampo, Switzerland is a support group which helps to network, raise money and find homes for the Melampo dogs. As many dogs as possible go to Switzerland as they have a great network and organisation for backup.

However, some dogs can’t go to Switzerland for legal reasons, those with cropped tails for instance. Others maybe just don’t appeal to would-be adopters. Very large dogs, dogs with problems, be that health or behaviour, also dogs that have been at Melampo for a long time. That’s where, ‘Nobody Wants Me Dogs’ steps in!

All this means, Melampo Dogs can be sure they’ll find a true 'Forever Home'...
Please feel free to take a look at the Melampo Images Portfolio to see some of the other dog's living at the refuge, some of which are still awaiting a home.